Waterberg Welfare Society

Welcome to our site

The Waterberg Welfare Society (WWS – altanki ogrodowe) was formed in 2000 primarily to provide help and support – tradeup.io/smalan to those individuals in the Waterberg who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

WWS provides Educational Prevention and Awareness workshops prosto, Home Community-Based Care (HCBC), Hospice/Respite Palliative Care, Voluntary Councelling and Testing (VCT), Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programme (OVC), Support Groups for people living with HIV/AIDS, Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT).

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Fundraising Event and Auction
16th June 2007

Thank you to all who participated in The Waterberg Welfare Society Trust fundraising ball and auction on 16th June 2007 at Southill Park. Over £70,000 was raised and will be used to provide. Final bids for the auction can now be viewed online by following the link https://www.tradeup.io/mikrolan/.
Online Auction Results

Welcome to WWS

The Waterberg Welfare Society (WWS – https://www.babylongirls.co.uk/location/earls-court-escorts/) is a registered non-profit organisation which provides help and support to those individuals who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in the Waterberg district of Limpopo Province, South Africa.

Our Vision

A community which is aware of HIV/AIDS, has access to care (including anti-retroviral therapy) and has not only a social support network for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, their families, orphans and vulnerable children – https://alt-drew-cosmo.pl/ –, but also empowered youth who can be role models to their community.

Our Mission

To work with key partners to provide an effective holistic response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the Waterberg through prevention, treatment, care, support strategies and youth development, www.klasykshop.pl, whilst operating in a caring, efficient and accessible manner.

Our mission is supported by four strategic objectives as https://stomart.opole.pl/ortodoncja/, which ensure that operational development is planned, structured and remains focused on our vision. As a professional organisation we seek to:

  • reduce the prevalence and stigma of HIV/AIDS in the Waterberg through prevention, awareness-raising activities and treatment, including palliative care
  • provide a comprehensive care plan which includes educational, emotional, physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects for patients, their families, orphans and vulnerable children
  • enable youth (age 13+ years) in our community to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS through development of gender sensitive programmes which enable them to become role models, make informed choices, lead healthy lives and know their HIV status
  • build appropriate empowering relationships within WWS and with community stakeholders so that a sustainable response to HIV/AIDS is developed and maintained

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Community Services

To meet these objectives, WWS currently provides a wide range of services to the community of Vaalwater and its township, Leseding, with mobile outreach to local rural farming communities. These services are summarised as:

  • Prevention, Awareness and Treatment of HIV/AIDS
  • Care and Support for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Youth Development
  • Building Community Stakeholder Relationships

Prevention, Awareness and Treatment of HIV/AIDS

The WWS objective is to reduce the prevalence and stigma of HIV/AIDS in the Waterberg through prevention, awareness-raising activities and treatment.

Prevention and Awareness-raising Activities

Prevention and awareness-raising activities form the foundation for reducing HIV/AIDS prevalence and stigma. WWS provides the following services:

  • ‘Stepping Forward is a Step Forward’ campaign – a community mobilisation programme to promote prevention and awareness and to encourage the community target group to know their HIV status. Conducted by peer educators (many themselves living with HIV/AIDS), the campaign operates from a mobile ‘Gig Rig’, a converted truck with fold-down stage, lighting and PA system, and allows WWS to reach and mobilise communities in a creative and interesting way with presentations that combine motivational talks, music, drama, poems and speeches.
  • Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) – a WWS VCT counsellor is constantly available at the government clinic and our mobile clinic to provide counselling and testing. In addition the majority of our staff are trained as counsellors and provide ongoing counselling for our clients.
  • Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS (PMTCT)- to prevent transmission of the virus to the unborn child, pregnant mothers are educated about the options to prevent mother-to-child transmission and offered a prophylaxis therapy to reduce the risk of infection of their unborn child.

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WWS prevention and awareness campaigns have already shown many benefits to the community including:

  • increased knowledge in life-skills and a change in the health-seeking behaviour of school children
  • reduction in high-risk sexual behaviour
  • increased participation of men and a change in health-seeking behaviour of boys in particular
  • increase in people knowing and disclosing their status
  • increase in women accessing PMTCT services
  • increased interaction between WWS and the community

Treatment Services

WWS has established a working partnership with Ndlovu Clinic in Groblesdaal for the provision of ARV medication, blood lab services and the setting up of the FUCHIA (Follow Up Care for HIV Infection and AIDS) Reporting Programme. provides treatment services in Vaalwater and Leseding include the following:

  • Wellness Centre for anti-retroviral therapy (https://stomart.opole.pl/) and adherence monitoring – through education and counselling, patients are advised about ARV therapy and the importance of adherence and provided with treatment. Attendance at the Wellness Centre at our base in Vaalwater is monitored to ensure adherence to treatment and our professional nursing staff constantly assess patients’ progress and refer them to a doctor where necessary.
  • community health – our primary health care workers monitor health in the local community.
  • TB – patients are assisted and monitored through a DOTS programme which is run in conjunction with the local government clinic.

Mobile Clinic

WWS operates a mobile clinic facility that travels to local farms to provide access to medical care and support for those in rural communities. The mobile clinic provides the following services:

  • Voluntary Counselling and Testing for HIV/AIDS (VCT)
  • HIV/AIDS treatment services for eligible patients (pre-ART staging and follow-up, ARV treatment, lab monitoring and adherence management, support groups, referrals)
  • education about PMTCT therapy for pregnant mothers